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Vaseline Intensive Care Essential Healing

This is a non-greasy cream for dry skin. I attempted to use it for my rough heels, and, while it worked, it wasn’t as complete or efficient as the Eucerin in a tube. I paid around $4 for my tube of Vaseline IC, on discount, and I’d say it’s “OK” and a good value.

However, given the choice, I’d get something else. The way I used this was to rub it onto my heels, leaving them “wet”, and then put a sock over my foot. That’s what I do with the other products. Within a day, it’s softer and smoother.

Update: I used some Eucerin to fix my rough heels. It worked in a day. Vaseline IC just barely made a difference. I’m going to use the VIC until it’s gone, but the Eucerin is now my go-to.

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