• Trying Out, a Blockchain Trading Platform was listed in a “best barter sites” page. It used to be a large trading forum, but has been transformed into a seemingly inactive trading site. The most interesting thing is that it’s an app that uses the EOSIO blockchain.
  • What is the Cheapest Way to Ship Internationally? Large Flats
    The “large flat” is the cheapest way to ship internationally. What is the “large flat”?
  • The Crypto Crash
    Y’all missed out on the “learning opportunity” of the crypto crash. When the market for crypto crashes, you can still go into Coinbase and study up about some of the failed products, and get free money. Then, you can hold onto the money until it increases in value, then turn around and spend some […]
  • Repairing an Old 1980s Toshiba Microwave
    I’ve never done this, but found a lot of information online. This is about my first attempt at repairing a microwave oven. The microwave oven turns on, and the fan spins, and it makes the microwave oven sound, but the food doesn’t heat up. The parts that drive the cooking are: switches the magnetron, […]
  • Ole’s, Rosemead, 1969
    La Puente Valley Journal Feb 1969 Oles Hardware TG&Y Rosemead California
  • Chen Yu, Jewel of the Orient, at the Lake Club Burlesque in Bellflower, CA
    This ad is from the mid 1950s. I could find no information at all about Chen Yu. Here’s a photo I found on Pinterest.
  • Barbara Yung Ying at Minsky’s Burlesque in Newark at the Adams Theater
    My father was born in Union City, NJ, and lived his first few years in Newark, so that might be a reason why he kept this ad, in addition to the fact Barbara Yung-Ying must have been one of the few Asian burlesque dancers in the 50s. Read more info about Minsky’s.
  • Sold: 昭和レトロ Aluminum Rice Pot
    This is an old rice pot. Estimated to be from the 1950s. This was not part of a rice cooker. To use it, it was put over heat. The rim and lid were designed so that starchy, boiling water would not overflow down the sides. The lid is shaped like a cymbal, so that […]
  • Restoring a 1980s Digital Alarm Clock Radio: the General Electric P’Jammer
    Once this is partially restored, it’ll sell for $13 plus shipping. I don’t think I can fully restore it without risking some damage to the paint. If you’d like to get it directly, for le$$, contact me via the contact page. Note: the sleep button doesn’t seem to work 🙁