• Can Media Mail be used to send catalogs?
    No. Media Mail is for books and media that don’t contain advertising. There is an exception for ads in books where the ads are for other books sold by the publisher. This is because, in the past, several pages at the back of the book were ads… for other books. (The publishing business must […]
  • Home Depot Husky Hex Socket Wrench 6 Points under $5
    I couldn’t find a good 14mm in my tools. This is the size for my oil pan plug, and I just lose them over time. I tried to use a light-duty cheapie one, but the metal got damaged. The replacement was kind of expensive, but worth it! The shape of the corners is weird. […]
  • Lot of 10 Verizon Monophonic Headset
    These were warranty returns. The tie clips are all broken. The two I tested worked well. They are a bit quiet, because there’s no seal between the earphone and ear canal. However, it’s loud enough. The button on the mic might be broken. The cover is a flexible plastic, but some had broken or […]
  • Santana Besos Headset
    $3 at Ross, and it already broke after a week. The connections between the cable and the mic are weak, and break. They sound OK, a little quiet, but overall, pretty good, but their fragility makes this a pretty weak product.
  • Frontier Co-Op Organic Curry Powder 1lb Bag
    After using Sun’s Madras curry powder in a big tin from the restaurant store, I was ready to use larger quantities. I got this other product, Frontier Co-Op’s 1 pound sack of curry powder. This is a comparison and review.
  • DAMONDY Case for BLU View 3 B140DL,BLU View 3 Phone Case,360 Ring Shockproof Cover
    Review of an inexpensive case for a low cost Android phone. I got this on Ebay for around $15 shipped. It fit the phone perfectly, and has all the holes for all the ports. The plastic or rubber is coated with rubber paint, so it feels good in the hand. The main feature is […]
  • Trying Out, a Blockchain Trading Platform was listed in a “best barter sites” page. It used to be a large trading forum, but has been transformed into a seemingly inactive trading site. The most interesting thing is that it’s an app that uses the EOSIO blockchain.
  • What is the Cheapest Way to Ship Internationally? Large Flats
    The “large flat” is the cheapest way to ship internationally. What is the “large flat”?
  • The Crypto Crash
    Y’all missed out on the “learning opportunity” of the crypto crash. When the market for crypto crashes, you can still go into Coinbase and study up about some of the failed products, and get free money. Then, you can hold onto the money until it increases in value, then turn around and spend some […]