• Charity Auction: Rose Baboian’s Armenian-American Cook Book
    I have a copy of this fundraiser cookbook first published in 1964 for auction on Ebay. Click here to see the listing. 50% of the sale will go to Equality Armenia. (This percentage may rise as the bidding rises.) The auction will end on Sunday, June 27, 2021, at 5pm PST. Auction link: […]
  • Buying Stuff for FREE On Here with Cryptocurrency
    It’s simple: Get “Free Money” from Coinbase Contact the site operator (me) to arrange a trade Receive goods! If you have some cryptocurrency, and wish to buy something here, that can be arranged. The easiest way is to use Coinbase. There are many good exchanges out there, but Coinbase seems to be the easiest […]
  • Los Angeles and Mexican American Movies
    I went and bought a bunch of LA themed movies. There are a bunch of them, obviously, but these were the lesser known ones. The Black Dahlia, Scorsese – I wasn’t too into this, but it has a really nice look to it. The story is about this woman, Elisabeth Smart who moves to […]
  • Shinjuku Incident with Jackie Chan
    Chan goes dramatic with a self-produced film to flex his acting skills. Chan plays the straight man, “Nick”, aka Tietou a Chinese tractor repairman who chases after his girlfried, Xie Xie, who emigrated illegally to Japan to seek a better life. He meets up with his brother, “Joe”, aka Jie, who arrived earlier, and […]