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Kenmore Refrigerator Handle Broke Off

This is a general complaint. The refrigerator is branded Kenmore, but I think it is made by LG or Whirlpool, and it works well, except the handle is attached with a bit of plastic, That plastic bit eventually breaks.

The “fix” is to buy a new handle, usually on Ebay or a parts store, and screw it on.

So I did that, but it took a while.

In the meantime, I found that super glue works really well. I used super glue on the mating surfaces, and epoxy over the seam, and the repair lasted over two years. Eventually, it broke, and I replaced the handle. It took all of five minutes and required only an allen wrench for the set screw, and a phillips head screwdriver.

If they just made it thicker, or made it from steel, this wouldn’t be happening. It’s absurd to put a 5 year handle on a fridge that’s going to last 20+ years. (If you haven’t guessed the next hack – it’s to epoxy in a metal strap, or carbon fiber material to reinforce the handle after it’s broken.)

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