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Asia Scene: the First Anime Film, Hakujaden


I didn’t know what this movie was, but web searches revealed that it’s known around the world as the first anime film. The entire film is above. It’s very much in the style of Disney, even in that Toei adapted a foreign story for the film. There are cute animals, cute children, and serious looking adults. I’ve seen only a little of the movie, but, it also has colorism; that’s unfortunate.

Asia Scene had a feature on it. Here’s the article, photographed.


I’ll be listing these Asia Scene magazines for sale, if you want to buy them.

Here’s the sale: Asia Scene January 1958.

I’m also photographing some articles from each, so they can be posted for educational purposes.  Asia Scene was published during the rise of Japan’s export economy in the 1950s, and showcased these emerging or growing industries in postwar Japan.

The magazines were in English and targeting an American and English readership. Reading these, I think about China in the 1990s and 2000s, or Korea and Taiwan in the 1970s. It’s making me think of India today.

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