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Retro Stereo Project

I’m putting together a stereo to sell. My target price will be $200.

Videos at Google Photos:

Video at YouTube:

This stereo was pieced together from my personal stereo and thrift store purchases. The furniture was found and repaired. Then it was painted bright red.

Components: Denon DRM 500 Cassette, Infinity RS2000 Speakers, Yamaha Natural Sound Receiver

Cassette highlights: Kate Bush, Dave Brubeck, John Lee Hooker, 10,000 Maniacs, Buzzcocks, KROQ on air, KALX on air, Soft Cell, Traveling Wilburys.

Lamp: Yellow Green Glazed Ceramic Onion Shaped Lamp. Has a regular light on top, and a “night light” in the base.

There really isn’t any “theme” to this, but it sits there an says, “Generation X”.


Waiting on the FM antenna. Looking for speaker surrounds. I’m not going to do more work on the nightstand – the other changes aren’t visible. Added more cassettes. Looking around for plastic wood.