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SI Hayakawa at SF State

This was an interesting find. A 1968 Time magazine article on SI Hayakawa who was appointed to president at SF State during the student strike that gave birth to ethnic studies.

They used his superficial liberal background, at least what was then considered liberal, and his skin color to push a reactionary (conservative) agenda to stop the student strike. They still do things like this today, but do not say it as explicitly as they would in this article.

That ad on the side is also interesting. It’s a paper tape puncher, so your input can be fed into a computer. The adding machine wasn’t hooked up to a computer, because there were so few computers. They’re called Adding Machines, not calculators, because they didn’t do other kinds of math besides adding and subtracting. This was 1968, one year before the first iteration of the Internet was invented.

Time 1968
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