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  1. johnk

    Published in 2010, this is a little bit out of date, but the basics are still relevant, and if you’re new to the idea of Social Media Marketing, this is an introduction of how to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaign.

    The core of the book is about what to measure and how to interpret what you read. Old marketing research was about identifying markets, advertising to them, and seeing what different it made. New marketing is engaging in conversations with the potential customers, and “listening” to see what people are saying about your brand, then trying to drive them to action.

    Because the book is out of date, you can simply skim it and get the big ideas. Then, go into some free tools like Twitter’s engagement stats, Instagram business tools, Pinterest business tools, Facebook page analytics, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Bing and Google Search Consoles, and see where these ideas in the book are reflected in the software features.

    Social Media Metrics is also useful for technical workers who need to implement marketing research tools for the marketing department. Marketing isn’t “hard” like coding, but it’s complex, and data driven, so it has its own outlook, jargon, style of thinking, and managerial outlook.

    Personally, as a technical worker, I wish I’d spent time reading marketing books, so I could understand the managerial outlook about social media, websites, and other cross-media communication systems.

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