Secrets of the Javascript Ninja 2nd Ed

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1 review for Secrets of the Javascript Ninja 2nd Ed

  1. Jinja

    An extremely clear explanation of JavaScript and it’s features, particularly how JS’s elaborate function system works, and how functional programming works (to some extent). It includes a section on generators and promises.
    The discussion of prototypes is more detailed than I’ve seen elsewhere, and doesn’t describe it by comparing it to classes. Rather, he just creates objects and sets the prototypes, so you can understand how the new “class” keyword works.

    Then it gets into OOP getters and setters, Arrays, Sets, and Regular Expressions. ES6 features covered are modules, “use strict”; effects, and features listed above. Then it gets into the DOM, and I didn’t get past that. The details in there are pretty fine grained.

    One of the authors, Resig, is the inventor of jQuery, but this book is not about jQuery. It’s “vanilla” JavaScript, which isn’t so plain anymore.

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