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Japan Brochures 1960s 1970s

For Sale: Japan Brochures 1960s 1970s VTG Nagasaki Kanagawa Green Tea Yomiuri Los Angeles

I was having trouble getting interest in these, so I lotted them up to make them more enticing (and affordable). All of a sudden, I want to keep these!  This is barely a “collection”, but none of these items were available on Ebay, or anywhere, as far as I could tell from cursory searches online.

I have that panicky feeling of “if I sell these, I will never touch them again!”  Of course, the last time I touched these was to prevent them from being tossed. Before that, I do remember seeing a couple of these before, mainly the Nagasaki brochure and the green tea brochure.  The others were new to me.

So, these were hoarded, and never shared with the family. That’s just a little messed up. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had been completely forgotten.

They are pretty nice, with lots of pictures.

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