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HP Devices that use Link5 Technology

HP Link5 is a 2.4Ghz radio technology that allows 5 compatible devices to be paired with one dongle. Link5 was released in 2011.

See HP’s Datasheet on Link-5, including a photo of the dongle.

This site doesn’t recommend the purchase of used Link5 devices that lack dongles, because it’s difficult to find a dongle for sale.  One solution to finding a replacement Link5 dongle is to purchase a new HP mouse that uses Link5.  They include a receiver.

Given the choice between a Link5 HP device, and an HP device that doesn’t use Link5, go with the Link5 device, because you’re less likely to be stranded.

HP continues to sell wireless 2.4Ghz devices that don’t use Link5. According to messages on the HP support forums, HP does not sell receivers, so you must purchase a new device. Evidently, the devices are paired with the dongles at the factory and cannot be altered.

If you have a spare Link5 dongle (your mouse or keyboard got damaged, and your dongle is unused), consider selling it on Ebay. Current web searches show that this dongle sells for over $50 on HP’s website, which is absurd, given that a $23 K3500 keyboard comes with a Link5 dongle.

There’s no comprehensive list of devices that use Link5, but I’ll try to list some mice and keyboards that use Link5.

  • HP Comfort Grip Wireless Mouse(H2L63AA)
  • HP Elite Desktop v2 Keyboard
  • HP Business T6U20UT#ABA Wireless Link-5 Keyboard
  • HP Wireless Mobile Mouse (not all models)
  • HP K3500 Keyboard
  • HP Wireless Mouse X4000
  • Star Wars Special Edition Wireless Mouse (a Mobile Mouse with a SW skin)
  • HP Wireless Link-5 Keyboard T6U20AA
  • HP Wireless Mouse X4500
  • HP Wireless Mini Keyboard
  • HP Wireless Ultrathin Wireless Keyboard
  • HP Wireless Optical Comfort Mouse
  • HP Wireless Laser Comfort Mouse
  • HP Wireless Premium Mouse
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