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Computer Keyboards

Some people love their laptop keyboards, and want one for their desktop or mobile phone that feels exactly like their laptop. This type of keyboard is called a scissor switch keyboard. “Scissor” refers to a small plastic mechanism that distributes a keypress’ force, allowing for the construction of a very thin keyboard.

While most people aren’t sensitive to the differences between laptop keyboards and desktop keyboards, typists with a light touch will notice the difference in the way the keys resist pressure, and how the keys travel only 1mm to 2mm. When they switch from a laptop to a desktop, they find themselves pressing too lightly, and need to slow down to re-press.  A solution is to use scissor switch keyboards on all devices.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to find these keyboards, because “scissor switch” is not usually indicated. This website will attempt to find and list all the scissor switch keyboards, and link to purchasing websites.

External Bluetooth Keyboards

Bluetooth keyboards are usually designed to work with tablets and phones, and are light and portable, and usually use scissor switch mechanisms.

The most popular keyboard in this class is probably the Apple Wireless Keyboard.  The main company serving the laptop market with add-on keyboards is Adesso.

Scissor Switch Keyboards for Desktop Computers

These are exceedingly rare to find, but a few manufacturers still produce them, and a few brands still sell them. The most popular keyboard is probably the Apple Aluminum Wired Keyboard.

Gaming and Other Keyboards

These are keyboards for desktop computers, but are a lot more expensive, and broken out into a different category, because they tend to have some features which non-gamers may not want, like extra keys, clicking, and backlit keys.

Most gaming keyboards have full-travel, mechanical keys, so, as a category, this isn’t what typists are seeking.  However, the gaming keyboard companies are mostly re-branding products made by OEMs, so some may add a scissor switch keyboard to their product line.

Replacement Keyboards for Laptop Computers

If your laptop keyboard breaks, you can replace it.  The most common way to find a replacement is via Ebay. The cheapest way to replace the keyboard is to purchase a used keyboard.

Replacement Keycaps for Laptop Computers

It’s common to lose a key from a laptop keyboard.  You can replace it by purchasing a single key from vendors on Ebay.  They hoard keyboards from broken laptops, and resell the keys one at a time. Make sure that they include the plastic scissor mechanism.

Low Profile Keyboards without Scissor Switches

Desktop keyboards fit into three main classifications: low profile, regular height, and ergonomic. The low profile keyboards attempt to replicate the laptop typing experience, but at a much lower cost. The most popular brands are Logitech, Microsoft, and HP/Compaq.

Ultra-low Profile Rubber Button Keyboards

These are “roll up” rubber keyboards that are meant to give full size keys to mobile devices. In photographs, they may appear to be low-profile scissor switch keyboards, but they are not, so be careful.

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