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Exploring Rap Snacks Ramen: A Dollar Tree Find

During a recent visit to the Dollar Tree, my attention was drawn to Rap Snacks Ramen featuring E-40 on the packaging. While I may not consider myself a devoted E-40 (or Boosie) fan, their names and music are familiar to me. Intrigued by this pop culture connection, I decided to give these Rap Snacks Ramen a try. (I had chatgpt rewrite my words… and that’s what I got. Yuk.)

These things tasted like regular cup noodles ramen. Salty. Not special. Not too bad either, but nowadays everyone wants fancy ramen.

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Delta Foundations 4 in. Centerset Single Handle Bathroom Faucet

Review and end results after the one I installed was destroyed.

I think the product is at the link above, but I’m not certain. I do know it was the low end Delta product. I bought it to replace a midrange Moen that, while acceptable, tended to wear out quickly, and require replacement cartridges, which were getting expensive. I found that Delta lasted longer, so I went with this alternative.

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Lot of 10 Verizon Monophonic Headset

These were warranty returns. The tie clips are all broken. The two I tested worked well. They are a bit quiet, because there’s no seal between the earphone and ear canal. However, it’s loud enough.

The button on the mic might be broken. The cover is a flexible plastic, but some had broken or loose covers. A bit of tape fixes it.

Overall, this is a recommend. I purchased these on Ebay.

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DAMONDY Case for BLU View 3 B140DL,BLU View 3 Phone Case,360 Ring Shockproof Cover

Review of an inexpensive case for a low cost Android phone.

I got this on Ebay for around $15 shipped. It fit the phone perfectly, and has all the holes for all the ports. The plastic or rubber is coated with rubber paint, so it feels good in the hand.

The main feature is the rotating ring on the back, which helps you hold the phone (and gives your pinky a rest). It works, so far.


When it’s used with the heater vent, and the air conditioner is on, the glue will harden, and the metal plate will fall off the case.

To fix this problem, I scraped all the glue off (it’s sticky “booger glue” on paper tape), and then used epoxy to re-attach the metal plate.

To do this, use a small amount of epoxy, just enough to cover the entire surface without dripping, and then stick it back into position. Do not use too much glue, because it’ll stick up the ring’s swivel mechanism.

Set the case down on a piece of paper, with the back-side facing down, so the epoxy cement doesn’t drip into the swivel mechanism.

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Corona RS 7041 Razor Tooth Folding Saw, 7-Inch Blade

When I unfolded this saw, it reminded me of a pocket knife.

The blade is stored in the handle, and when it’s time to saw, you unfold it, and lock the blade into the fully extended position.

Then you get to sawing. It saws well. It’ll cut through tree branches as thick as your wrist.

Unless you have huge trees, this saw is more than big enough for most tasks. It’s perfect for small fruit trees.

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New Balance Men’s Vazee Urge v1 Running Shoe, Yellow/Black, 9.5 2E US

I bought these in a hurry, and within a couple months, they became my favorite shoes. It’s been a couple years, and I’m still wearing them. (I made them last by rotating.)

These soles are worn down, and it seems to make the shoe even more comfortable.

This wasn’t a very expensive shoe when I first bought it, but, now, look around: the price has roughly doubled. Some people must be liking this shoe, a lot.

Update Oct 2021: I am still wearing the shoes, but the firm rubber sole has worn away, and the softer rubber is now the “sole”. Soon, a hole will form and the shoes will be history.

Update March 2022: Still wearing them, but not all the time. I can feel the ground through the soles.

You can buy new and used Vazee Urges at Ebay.

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Charity Auction: Rose Baboian’s Armenian-American Cook Book

I have a copy of this fundraiser cookbook first published in 1964 for auction on Ebay. Click here to see the listing.

50% of the sale will go to Equality Armenia. (This percentage may rise as the bidding rises.)

The auction will end on Sunday, June 27, 2021, at 5pm PST.

Auction link:

About Armenian community cookbooks: From Ajem Pilaf to Yalanchi Dolma: Armenian Cookbooks Added to Janice Bluestein Longone Culinary Archive.