Productivity Book Bundle: Checklists, Self Employment, Getting Things Done


Making a Living Without a Job by Barbara Winter – a good book to read if you’re considering self employment. Winter gives overviews, and gets into some details. Covers some psychology, self-care, and challenges.
Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande – explains how to make useful checklists, and how to make an argument to use them in your organization. The format of the book is alternating stories and how-to.  Some of the stories, in this book, are about how Gawande made arguments to adopt checklists in his own workplace.
Getting Things Done by David Allen – a how-to about how to put your entire life into to-do lists. It should be called “How David Allen Gets Things Done”. It’s a good book that gets you into the *practice* of making lists with broad scope, and lists with narrow scope. This book was popular with computer programmers because it helps them finish projects.
The last two books can be used with tools like Asana and Google Keep.