3 11mm x 4mm Rubber Washers for Hose Bibb Made in China


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Six washers. 11mm wide and 4mm thick. 4mm hole.

Mailed by first class package from Los Angeles, California for fast shipping to the western states.

These washers fit in hose bibbs made in China, which have a washer slightly smaller than the 00 washer.  (Generally, made in USA hose bibbs take a 00 washer, or a beveled .25 inch washer.)

Please check that the 00 washer is too large for your hose bibb, and that it’s using a flat washer, not a beveled washer.

Each washer has lasted around one year for me. With less surface area, the rubber wears out a bit sooner than the 00 washer. Replacement is simple.

If it doesn’t fit, you can return it, at your cost.