Rio Hondo River Trail (Blog)

This series of posts are about the Rio Hondo River Trail. My goal is to walk the entire trail, which is a bit over 17 miles long, over several trips. My past history with this trail was along the paved bicycle path, which I used to ride from the river just south of the Whittier Narrows Dam down to Long Beach.

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The Whittier Narrows Dam

The dam is dry most of the year, and ony fills up during heavy rains, when it’s used for flood control. A dirt trail loops around the perimeter of the dam floor, and the area is crisscrossed with paths that horse riders use. This area is fine for walking, and mountain biking. Like many parking lots in the somewhat bucolic areas of Los Angeles, you can smell cannabis smoke at the trailhead on Lincoln.

Be careful. This area burned up in the Lincoln fire.