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Los Angeles and Mexican American Movies

I have these for sale in a discount bundle on Facebook, Craigslist, and Listia. Listia is a site where you “buy” things with “points”, a kind of walled garden of weird commerce.

I went and bought a bunch of LA themed movies. There are a bunch of them, obviously, but these were the lesser known ones.

The Black Dahlia, Scorsese – I wasn’t too into this, but it has a really nice look to it. The story is about this woman, Elisabeth Smart who moves to LA and ends up murdered.

Lean Like a Gangster, Mexican-American – family drama with gang activity. I haven’t watched this one yet.

South of Pico, Los Angeles – poverty porn about life “south of Pico”, which is basically South LA. I found it melodramatic and stopped watching.

Banda Girls, Los Angeles Mexican-American – this is a poorly written movie but it has a lot of LA scenery, and a lot of hot girls lying around in bikinis. Lots of inside jokes, and a lot of scenes that reflect city and suburban Mexican-American life mainly on the eastside and Southeast LA. I enjoyed it.

MacArthur Park, Los Angeles – excellent and disturbing movie about crackheads in Macarthur Park, which used to be a real nightmare drug spot. The park got some fame when Robert Downey Jr. was scoring heroin around the park. Good performances. It was an exploitation movie, but I liked it.

Infierno en Los Angeles, Spanish – a Mexican production about this small time crime gang in Los Angeles, filmed around parts of LA in the late 80s or early 90s. Great retro hairstyles. Lots of scenes in Skid Row and South Central. Best scenes are at the Alameda Swap Meet, where the gang steals from the immigrant vendors. It’s not cool what they did, but they did it with style, and screwed over their countrymen.

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